Insomnia Supplements

Insomnia Supplements – Forget Prescription Medication!

Insomnia affects millions of people worldwide. Let us take a look at what this sleep problem is and what you can do about it.


This sleep problem prevents you from getting to sleep, staying asleep or can be a combination of both problems.

Medically it is classified in three degrees of severity.

The mildest form is Transient Insomnia. This is the most common form, and thankfully is the most easiest to resolve. It is when your sleep problems last for between 1 night and a few weeks. The vast majority of people will encounter transient insomnia at some stage during their lives.

When you have problems sleeping which last longer than a few weeks and up to 6 months this is classed as Acute Insomnia. If you are suffering in this way it can disrupt your day-to-day life. Tiredness will be a constant partner and it will cause you mood problems. This type of insomnia definitely needs treating.

We will explain the most severe form of insomnia before considering Insomnia supplements.

Chronic insomnia can last year upon year. If you suffer from this form of insomnia you should most definitely be under the supervision of your doctor.


Although there are many prescription supplements to choose from that will bring you sleep they can also bring with them unwanted side effects. You may well suffer from a ‘sleep hangover’ the following morning. This hangover can take several hours to get rid of.

There are also dependency issues to consider which is a most definite ‘no-no’.

This is the reason that an all-natural supplement is strongly recommended.


This supplement is the most popular and effective all-natural sleeping capsule on the market. With regular use of Alteril you will find that your sleep patterns begin to settle into what is classed as ‘normal’ sleep.

Get to sleep and stay asleep

By taking this supplement an hour before your bedtime you will find that when you get to sleep you will stay asleep.

This means you will wake up feeling refreshed. There will be no negative side-effects and you will feel much more in tune with daily life.

4 Shocking Ways Smart Pills Can Transform You At Work

Are you constantly working, but starting to feel burned out and tired? Even if you run your own business from home, it can lead to anxiety and decreased levels of performance. What if we told you that there is a pill that could help you think outside the box and increase your enthusiasm at work? Does the idea of such a pill spark your interest?

As a professional, it is important to constantly seek out innovative ways of maximizing your performance. The newest trend on the market that entrepreneurs are utilizing is smart pills, such as the brand new one called BrainFire. These small wonders are perfectly safe to use and yield the following benefits:

1. Brain fog is one of the most common reasons that you’re not thinking clearly at work and you’re not able to retain information. With the help of these brain pills, you can achieve a higher quality of work in your office, but you will also notice that you can retain information much more effectively, see your financial situation clearly, and improve your concentration. These are all beneficial traits in a business setting as it will help you make wiser decisions overall.

2. You need access to a never-ending amount of energy when you spend most of your day working. The fact that you have to juggle responsibilities and make quick decisions, is not an easy task. Many entrepreneurs spend up to 80 hours working per week and staring at a computer monitor. If that doesn’t drain your energy levels, nothing could! However, these magic pills can help boost your energy and give you the push you need to work all week productively.

3. Spending long hours at work can not only build up your anxiety, but it can lead to depression. Most brain pills that you can find on the market contain natural mood enhancers to help you cure bouts of depression and even out your mood swings.

4. You can reach your full potential in and out of the workplace when you employ the help of brain supplements. Not only will you see things with more clarity, but your productivity will increase tenfold!

As you can see, smart pills are going to take the world by storm, and with good reason too! They are safer than drinking coffee every morning, and offer none of the nasty side effects that most other pills do.