Insomnia Supplements

Insomnia Supplements – Forget Prescription Medication!

Insomnia affects millions of people worldwide. Let us take a look at what this sleep problem is and what you can do about it.


This sleep problem prevents you from getting to sleep, staying asleep or can be a combination of both problems.

Medically it is classified in three degrees of severity.

The mildest form is Transient Insomnia. This is the most common form, and thankfully is the most easiest to resolve. It is when your sleep problems last for between 1 night and a few weeks. The vast majority of people will encounter transient insomnia at some stage during their lives.

When you have problems sleeping which last longer than a few weeks and up to 6 months this is classed as Acute Insomnia. If you are suffering in this way it can disrupt your day-to-day life. Tiredness will be a constant partner and it will cause you mood problems. This type of insomnia definitely needs treating.

We will explain the most severe form of insomnia before considering Insomnia supplements.

Chronic insomnia can last year upon year. If you suffer from this form of insomnia you should most definitely be under the supervision of your doctor.


Although there are many prescription supplements to choose from that will bring you sleep they can also bring with them unwanted side effects. You may well suffer from a ‘sleep hangover’ the following morning. This hangover can take several hours to get rid of.

There are also dependency issues to consider which is a most definite ‘no-no’.

This is the reason that an all-natural supplement is strongly recommended.


This supplement is the most popular and effective all-natural sleeping capsule on the market. With regular use of Alteril you will find that your sleep patterns begin to settle into what is classed as ‘normal’ sleep.

Get to sleep and stay asleep

By taking this supplement an hour before your bedtime you will find that when you get to sleep you will stay asleep.

This means you will wake up feeling refreshed. There will be no negative side-effects and you will feel much more in tune with daily life.

Eliminate Pain And Heal Your Broken Body

Are you suffering any type of unbearable pain that you wish you could get rid of at all cost? If so, then you need to try out some new things in order to do this. If you have tried the same old things over and over again without success, then you are going to have to make the necessary changes in order to eliminate pain and experience the joy that life can offer you when you are free of pain.

So pay attention to what is contained within this post so that you can give yourself the opportunity to be free of pain for good.

Try Ice Therapy

Ice therapy, if you have not heard of it, is a powerful way to reduce tissue swelling, while restricting blood flow. Ice therapy can be as simple as applying ice regularly to the painful area. But this is a low end treatment method. You can boost the power of this by trying out cold showers or for the brave cold baths. There are also ice jackets that you can use to help beat chronic pain, which you wear for hours each day. And if you want to look into a more powerful method, check out cryotherapy for an even more powerful boost.

Use Neuracel

There are some amazing supplements that can help eliminate pain from your body. Sadly most that are available to the general public don’t work at all. But Neuracel is one that works and has demonstrated that it works time and time again to help heal a wide variety of conditions but more than this it also helps to stop pain very quickly so that you feel better faster.

Get A Massage

There are all types of massages, you need to remember this. And they each can offer different types of effects. Some will be more powerful for your unique condition than others. So you need to test out different ones in order to find the best one for you that will help reduce pain. Massages are amazing for pain relief. I highly recommend that you try out a few different ones in order to find the best one for you.

Take Up Yoga

Yoga is a powerful healing art. But you need to be careful if you are in chronic pain and start off very gently and build up. There are also many types of yoga methods. I suggest you try a few to see which one can heal you the most.